VR & AR, you get the picture!

The new reality is virtual, and augmented! The unlimited possibilities of VR and AR are being used more and more. It lifts online shopping and experiences to a completely new level. Something users and clients are demanding nowadays. Virtual showrooms and stores are now open 24/7. These platforms are so attractive, that you really get drawn into the digital realm. All this from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated world. You can view this digital space through a VR-headset. Augmented Reality uses the existing world and adds certain elements. It is like an extra layer on top of reality. You are looking through a tablet, phone or special glasses to see an enhanced version of your surroundings. VR and AR do differ from each other, although they are often mentioned in one breath.

For a lot of retailers, these developments seem very futuristic and abstract. It is not clear for several retailers how it can boost their marketing to the next level. But the possibilities to create a unique UX are incredible. The results are staggering and therefore absolutely worth it. The conversion rates shoot through the roof with an increase of up to 200%!


Can you remember the Pokémon craze? People were standing in your yard to catch super rare Pokémon. Or think about all the popular Snapchat filters. It is not just for fun, many companies are discovering the commercial benefits of AR. It enables you to place objects into your home, office, garden or wherever. Without buying the wanted product, you can see how it will fit in a certain place. Like a sofa in the living room, a painting in your bedroom, a fountain in your garden, new clothes on you, you get the picture. The representation is so real that you can make a better choice. It gives a better idea of what you buy and how it will fit. This is ideal!

Here are some statistics to emphasize the power of AR:

· 61% of online shoppers prefer to purchase on a website with AR technology.

· 63% of clients state that AR strongly improves their experience.

· 70% of consumers expect to be brand-loyal when offered AR to their shopping experience.


E-commerce and Virtual Reality go hand in hand. They complement each other. A digital world is created that provides the visitor a unique experience. Would you rather see a picture of a product or would you prefer to wander through a digital showroom to observe objects and look at them from all angles? The latter option, the Virtual Tour, is more appealing and dynamic. It stimulates the senses and makes a lasting impression. A big advantage is that such experiences can be easily shared on Social Media which drastically enlarges your exposure. The visual aspect cuts through language barriers and makes it possible to communicate with the whole world. You tell a story by using visuals, not just by a little bit of text. Nowadays it is so difficult to stand out. There are multiple versions of each product so you have to convince the client to choose your brand. This can be achieved by creating an emotional reaction. Tell them a story, take them on a journey. You have to engage with your public because if you don’t, you will lose them. VR is an excellent tool to achieve this.

You can take your audience on a trip to show the production process. You can also use VR for customer service. It can provide a 360 degrees image of a certain situation that needs support. Think of the installation or repair of devices. But also in the medical industry, it gives the opportunity to provide support from a distance. VR also enables you to visit live events, from any place in the world. Handy in these current times where we can not travel easily due to restrictions or come together with a vast amount of people. But this luxury of visiting without traveling will become even more popular in the future. You do not have to physically be somewhere to experience an event. It saves you time, money and makes it easily accessible. Without leaving your house, you can visit a fashion show in Milano, an art gallery in New York, a tech fair in Dubai. It is all possible without placing a single step.



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